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Don Lowery is an IT professional, devoted husband, father and food hobbyist that spent his childhood in Bangkok Thailand from age 4 to age 9. During this time his family travelled frequently between Thailand and Malaysia.   Points of interest often traversed include Bangkok, Pattaya Beach, Chiang Mai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang Beach.

Upon returning to the United States the entire family missed Southeast Asian cuisine as it was unavailable even in major cities for 20+ years. As a teenager he and his younger brother had to take over cooking meals for the family when their mother passed until they moved out on their own.

Over the following decade as previously hard to find ingredients and tools became available, Don began experimenting with Asian and European cuisines as more than just a passing hobby. Becoming a father meant experimenting with new foods to open up new horizons for his children and to develop his appreciation for exotic cuisines in them.  Learning and taking advice from a number of experts and mentors, he has developed an eclectic set of methods and techniques for preparing both continental and far east cuisines that have pleased both his family and close friends over the last 15 years.

After so many years of frequent experiments with both disasters and inventions, this blog began from a desire to share these exciting experiences and discoveries with others that have the same passion for food and life.

Don lives just outside of Atlanta Georgia with his wife, 3 children and their dog.